Sep 1, 2009

The backpack bulge

Today's post is more of a vent turned helpful tip so people don't get mad at you. It was set off recently by a couple of students riding at rush hour, but it has also been caused by regulars and travelers. I call it the backpack bulge. If you are traveling throughout the metro system with an awkwardly large backpack, gym bag, sleeping bag, golf clubs, toddler, or any other object strapped to your back, you must be aware of your new body size.

Please don't swing around in circles and knock out your fellow travelers. Please don't continuously knock your back into the poles that other people are trying to hold on to but are having their hands crushed. Please don't try to squeeze into small places that you yourself may fit into but not you plus your backpack bulge.

In a crowded train (meaning any train with more than a few people standing) please remove your backpack bulge and place it at your feet. It will condense your travel size back to that of a normal person, reduce concussions and crushed fingers to others, increase mobility during the shuffle that happens at each stop, and actually make your back feel better. As you're not actively hiking the alps you can do without the bag on your back for a few minutes. Plus with a bag that large no one will be able to secretly snatch from you and scuttle out the door without causing their own commotion.
Look at these backpacks sitting politely on the ground.

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  1. Thanks. What really gets me are those little bags on wheels, some no bigger than a purse. I am forever tripping on those things.